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About StoragePUP

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Who We Are

StoragePUP began by supplying mobile storage units to the Greater Panama City area immediately following Hurricane Michael. These mobile units were, and continue to be, of better quality at a lower rate than competitors like PODS. We are now delivering these mobile units from our new location at 4215 US 231, and plan to build air conditioned self-storage there soon. With the experience we gained in offering disaster relief storage and our ability to easily ship mobile units in quantity, we are always on the lookout for storm affected communities in the area to offer our support.

We have since added two new locations to meet Northwest Florida's need for high-quality mobile and self-storage for an affordable price. One in Mexico Beach and one in Valparaiso, Florida. From these locations, we can now offer our superior-to-PODS mobile units from Destin to Carrabelle, Florida. These new locations also have traditional self-storage. Both facilities provide 24-hour, safe, and secure access to your things. The Mexico Beach facility boasts covered and open, boat and RV storage, with power and water access. With these services, we have the unrivaled ability to offer mobile storage right to your home or business, the most convenient way to move by using our mobile units instead of a truck or trailer, and affordable long-term self-storage. Whether you are moving, remodeling/renovating, reducing clutter, or taking your garage/driveway back, we can help!

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Why Us StoragePup Storage

Why Us?

Our company is a seasoned operator of Self-Storage Facilities and Portable Storage (like PODS) and we put our customers first. We work hard to maintain our facilities and mobile units so that we can be confident we offer the best product for the best rate. Our team members are readily available by phone or email to answer questions and help with any issues that may arise.

We also care about the communities where we are located. To help us give back, we became a Major Donor to Habitat for Humanity of Bay County to support their mission of eliminating poverty housing. We plan to be a Major Donor for the local Habitat for Humanity in each county where we do business. We only use local tow truck companies to deliver our mobile units, and we hire local labor for maintenance and repairs of our facilities. This way we can ensure high quality and professional service while keeping the work within the community.

And we care about the environment. StoragePUP operates almost entirely paperless and online. We are also working to implement solar power at our existing facilities and the new air conditioned buildings that are coming soon.

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When to Store

Renovating, remodeling, doing repairs? The work takes longer when your working around furniture and why risk damaging your things in the process when you can utilize one of our mobile units. As you go room to room you can easily move the furniture out of your way and into the unit and then back as you complete the work.

Is your attic overflowing? Unable to park in your garage anymore? Is your spare room more of a storage space than a guest room or office? Take advantage of our affordable self-storage. We have multiple sizes to meet your needs, so take back your room or garage and store your things with us.

Moving but don't have access to a truck or trailer? Our mobile units were designed to be moved after you load. They also rent by the month so there's no rush to pack and unpack everything in one day. We drop it off, take your time loading it, when done we'll move it to the new location. Then you can take your time unpacking as well.

Selling your home? Let us store your things while you are staging your home for an open house. Reducing the amount of furnishings in a home when selling increases the aesthetic appeal for buyers.

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CoolPUP Mobile Storage

Do you want to utilize the convenience and versatility of a mobile storage unit, but concerned about the heat and humidity damaging your things? Worry no more, as we now offer the areas first and only air conditioned mobile storage units. 

These new units are the same high-quality solid steel construction, water-tight, and secure units as our standard mobile units, but they are now capable of protecting your things from the Florida heat and humidity. Don’t hesitate to store your wood furniture, couches and chairs or even mattresses knowing the risk of damage from temperature fluctuations and moisture is a thing of the past.

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Disaster Recovery Contractor Vendor

We pride ourselves on how we got our start, supplying mobile storage units to local contractors in Bay County Florida as part of the disaster recovery efforts following Hurricane Michael. We continue to support those rebuilding efforts in all of the effected counties as a mobile storage vendor supplying mobile units to DEO disaster recovery contractors. Our experience in these areas and our ability to quickly supply large numbers of units at competitive rates to almost any area around the country make us uniquely qualified to meet this demand.